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Iola Middle School
600 East Street
Iola, Kansas 66749

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M-F 7:30 - 4:00

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June: M-F 8:00 - 3:00
Closed 12-1 for Lunch

Phone: (620) 365-4785
Fax: (620) 365-4770
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Joyce Atkinson
Atkinson, Joyce
Art Teacher (6th-8th)
Sarah Baldwin
Baldwin, Sarah
Jason Bates
Bates, Jason
PE Teacher (5th)/Media Production Teacher (6th)
Matthew Baumwart
Baumwart, Matthew
Assistant Principal
Mark Boyd
Boyd, Mark
History Teacher (8th)
Anne  Brewer
Brewer, Anne
ANW Psychology
Gabrielle Brite
Brite, Gabrielle
Language Arts
Craig Buchanan
Buchanan, Craig
ANW Coop Para (Pomatto)
Marilyn  Bumstead
Bumstead, Marilyn
Math Teacher (5th)
Jessica Cadwell
Cadwell, Jessica
ANW Para (Pomatto)
Doug Calahan
Calahan, Doug
Intro to Industrial Technology
Cynthia  Carr
Carr, Cynthia
Librarian (5th-8th)
Jacki Chase
Chase, Jacki
Nurse (5th-8th)
James Cole
Cole, James
Stacey Crusinbery
Crusinbery, Stacey
School Counselor
Elizabeth Cunningham
Cunningham, Elizabeth
Chior/Orchestra Teacher
Scott Ellis
Ellis, Scott
Health Teacher (7th-8th)
Muffy Fehr
Fehr, Muffy
Social Studies Teacher (6th)
Christy Flippin
Flippin, Christy
Girls PE Teacher (6th-8th)
Rhonda Foster
Foster, Rhonda
ED/BD Teacher
Tammy Garber
Garber, Tammy
ANW Para (6th-8th Warhurst)
Linda Garrett
Garrett, Linda
Virtual Learning Teacher (Crossroads 7th-8th)
Wendy George
George, Wendy
ANW Coop Para (Vest)
Karen Graham
Graham, Karen
5th Grade Extensions Class Teacher
Melissa Hayes
Hayes, Melissa
Math Teacher (8th)
Linda Heffern
Heffern, Linda
Math Teacher (6th)
Anthony Herrick
Herrick, Anthony
English Teacher (8th)
Kimberly Ivy
Ivy, Kimberly
Guidance Secretary
Karen Jesseph
Jesseph, Karen
Music Teacher (5th-6th)
Jean Johns
Johns, Jean
Gifted (5th-8th)
Kendy Johnson
Johnson, Kendy
Social Studies Teacher (7th)
Regena Lance
Lance, Regena
Computer Applications Teacher (8th)
Stephanie  Larson
Larson, Stephanie
Speech Teacher (5th-8th)
Marla Leigh
Leigh, Marla
ANW Para (6th-8th Warhurst)
Terry Lower
Lower, Terry
PE Teacher (6th-8th)
Jill Lynn
Lynn, Jill
ANW Para (Pomatto)
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