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Academic Recognition

Iola Middle School Quarterly Recognition 

Principal's Honor Roll:  4.0 Grade Point Average

Regular Honor Roll:  3.0-3.9 Grade Point Average, student must not have any D's or F's on grade card.

Iola Middle School Yearly Recognition

American Legion Award - This is awarded to one 8th grade boy and one 8th grade girl.  Students are nominated by staff and voted on by staff and students.  Students are nominated/selected based on their demonstration of the following characteristics:

  • Courage - stands up for what he/she believes; does the right thing even when it is difficult
  • Leadership - encourages peers; provides a good example for others to follow; has a positive attitude
  • Honor - demonstrates good character; values self and achievements
  • Service - helps others in the school, community, and/or volunteers time for others
  • Scholarship - works hard on assignments and tests, tries his/her best in school

KSHSAA Citizenship Award - One 8th grade boy and one 8th grade girl selected by IMS coaches/staff that demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Respect - shows respect for the Flag, National Anthem, and Constitution; shows repsect for all members of school community; respects public and private property; demonstrates a tolerance and respect for the beliefs and rights of others
  • Responsibility - works to build school pride through active participation in projects that honor the school; displays good sportmanship as a participant and/or spectator; friendly toward new students and encourages their involvement in school activities
  • Reverence - shows reverence, concern, and respect for the well being of others.

Previous Legion & Citizenship Award Recipients

Presidential Excellence - Awarded to 8th grade students achieving a 3.5 Grade Point Average through Fall of 8th grade and scoring at level 4 on a state assessment or at a high level on a nationally normed test (Fastbridge) during middle school OR achieved 3.5 GPA through fall 8th grade year and was recommended by at least 2 teachers for outstanding achievement in a core curriculum area.

Presidential Achievement - Awarded to 8th grade students that have shown outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects.  These students give their best effort in school, in some cases despite difficult obstacles to their learning.  Some students have demonstrated outstanding achievement in specific areas.