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Daily Schedule

Regular Schedule

M, T, Th, F

8:00-8:05     Homeroom (Announcements, get Chromebook)

8:05-9:00     1st Hour (Extensions with Mrs. Westhoff’s class)

9:00-9:10     Grab & Go (may buy this if haven’t bought breakfast already that day)

9:10-10:05    2nd Hour (Extensions with Miss Price’s class)

10:05-11:00  3rd Hour (Extensions with Mrs. Bumstead’s class)

11:00-11:25  Lunch

11:25-11:40  Recess

11:45-12:40  4th Hour (Extensions with Mrs. Minor’s class)

12:40-1:30   5th Hour (Extensions with Mrs. Graham’s homeroom class)

1:30-2:00     MTSS

2:00-3:00     Specials (PE/Music, Art, Computers)

3:00-3:28     Homeroom (built-in time to work on homework)


Wednesday (Early Release) Schedule

8:00-8:05       Homeroom

8:05-9:00       1st Hour

9:00-9:10       Grab & Go

9:10-10:00     2nd Hour

10:00-10:50   3rd Hour

10:50-11:15    Lunch

11:15-11:30    Recess

11:30-12:20    4th Hour

12:20-1:10      5th Hour

1:10-2:10       Specials

2:10-2:40       Homeroom

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